Cosmic Family Productions

Cosmic Family Productions would love to thanks all the Bands on this page. Each band has played a part in the lives of the Cosmic Family in one way or another--truly an amazing experience. More bios and photos to come.

Absynth Quintet
Recently featured as Band of the Month on, Absynth Quintet melds the familiar and the avant-gard with a unique and provocative palette of tone and texture. This is streetcorner swing with a sense of humor, bluegrass with footstomping danceability, intertwined with playful forays into the depths of sophisticated musical experimentation. The synergy of these seemingly divergent styles ends up sounding something like Yonder Mountain String Band meets Phish... with a little bit of firelit gypsy caravan folk thrown in for good measure. The Eugene Weekly places the sound "somewhere along the spectrum of acoustic-improvisational-gypsy-jazz...plucky and tight à la David Grisman" with "a dash of Eastern European exoticism that puts you in a smoky, understated hash bar kind of mood". 2008 saw the Absynth Quintet break onto the national scene with the release of Indigo Shoes, their first full length studio album, recorded in Humboldt county at the band's studio, The Sonic Dimple. While Indigo Shoes showcases the band's chops in a studio environment, their 2007 live release Kevlar Mariachi Pants offers a glimpse into the honed improvisational skills the group has cultivated over 4 years of touring. The Arcata Eye said "...listening to Kevlar Mariachi Pants is akin to being served an exotic meal (or mind altering beverage) one could never hope to replicate at home. You have to go out for this kind of stuff. Delicious". 

Achilles Wheel
The fiery epicenter of Achilles Wheel’s sound is Jonny Mojo on lead guitar and vocals, surrounded by Paul Kamm and Shelby Snow on rhythm, bass and vocals, and Gary Campus and Mark McCartney on drums and vocals. Their debut CD, ’13 Hours’ was recorded at the historic Nevada Theater in Nevada City in, well...13 hours, since the band believes so strongly in the chemistry of it’s live performances. AW’s follow up to 13 hours will be out this winter since the groups songwriters, Paul, Jonny and Shelby have been busy and inspired by this new project, and the bands live shows feature a lot of fresh new material. And as original songs go, Achilles Wheel’s are some of the most accessible around and will stay with you long after the excitement of the show is over. These writers have been acknowledged by many of the biggest music festivals in the country including Kerrville, Telluride and Rocky Mtn. Folk. Most recently Achilles Wheel was a finalist with their song ‘Got A Tattoo’ in the ‘Race to TRI’ song contest, which many on the West Coast will recognize as a premier audio/video production studio run by Bob Weir. So if you love to dance and celebrate life, come see an Achilles Wheel show and make a joyful noise. 

Adrian Bellue
Adrian Bellue is a musician from Sacramento, California. Music is his passion, and he believe's as a musician, it is his calling to heal and inspire those around him with his music. Just another student of life. He loves performing and sharing his music.

Autumn Sky
Autumn Sky has made things go her way with her musical career for over 10 years. Not only has the young singer/songwriter from Sacramento made her musical path her own, she has done it with a grace, style and charm that can only come from someone who is truly inspired by herself; by someone who has the confidence, drive and talent to make a vision for herself that she feels is the right vision to follow. Performing her music since she was 15, the sassy redhead has played with words since she was very young, writing poetry and creating a lyrical style that has grown and blossomed with her years. This songstress is ever recreating herself with each experience she has, crafting songs and words that tell a story of who she is with an honest directness that is disarming and thought provoking. 

Awkward Lemon
The sound is something born from a group of friends and musicians gathered around coffee tables, around campfires, and in household backyards – simply sharing the joy of being together and making music. The music draws upon influences of folk, some bluegrass, but most of all the storytelling of singer-songwriters in the vein of Dylan, Young, and the Grateful Dead. It possesses an intimacy that is carried particularly by the lyrics – sung aptly with gentle voices powered by the strength only honesty can muster – and the great blending of Awkward Lemon is complete. It is the spirit of the jam band, mixed with the honesty and vulnerability of the lone singer songwriter bearing the more difficult struggles of the heart.   

Be Brave Bold Robot
Hailing from Sacramento, California, Be Brave Bold Robot is a collection of people, ranging from One (1) to Eight (8), who are known to joyfully weep wispy ghost tears of music in any given area where they might happen to find themselves being allowed to be, for the enjoyment of people who might happen to be mulling around said given area, wondering what to do with themselves for that particular time being. 

Brian Chris Rogers
Brian created his own genre, “Alien Soul”, in which he pushes the limits and balances the best traits in any artist with vocals and style hybrids reminiscent of Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Dave Matthews, and Victor Wooten.  Friend and ZuhG band member JR Halliday quotes:  “Whether Brian is singing, drumming, playing bass, guitar or a beer bottle, he always brings it.”  Brian’s musical chops don’t stop at vocals.  He is an ace bass player, a powerful drummer, and a percussive guitarist, and all of these skills are showcased on his newly released album, “Single”.  The title speaks to the pursuit of love while single, and musically it’s a hat tip to Brian’s new solo career.  The transition is bittersweet.  “I am grateful for a summer spent with the Nibbs… got to play some killer shows.  I will miss rehearsing and singing with them every week”, says Brian.  The nostalgia, however, is eclipsed with excitement....   

The Bumptet
"The Bumptet brings reckless sophistication to each performance with an improvisational, genre-bending approach to music. Their compositions range in style and complexity, moving from deep funk grooves to epic rock crescendos to intricate, fusion-esque lines and back again–with improvisation, forward motion, and an in-the-moment attitude as the only constants. Self-described as The Headhunters meets Phish, this Northern California quartet takes listeners on a spirited journey that must be seen live in order to fully appreciate the level of musicianship and soul they bring to every show they play. But don’t expect to hear carbon copy renditions of their tunes on stage. They pride themselves on delivering high energy, improvised sets of funk music with jazz caliber execution (including the occasional foray into the jam band outer stratosphere!)." 

Flannel came together in the fall/winter of 2009 in efforts to create an organic sound steeped in tradition and mysticism. After a few changes to the line up, they all came together from different aspects of the musical spectrum. Finding a common ground where Americana and story telling meets mystical underworlds of spirit work..... debut album "Wooden Schools" is out now! 

Full Melt
A Cosmic Band of Brothers & Sisters playing Rock tunes from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. With a few originals of their own. 

Groovincible is a Sacramento-based Soul group whose funky grooves, strong melodic female vocals, and jazzy horn arrangements attract listeners of all ages and walks of life. They just released their debut full length album, mixed & mastered at Pus Cavern Studios. Keep an eye out for special events and shows to help promote the release! Groovincible's powerful and versatile sound would not be possible without it's core members; Drummer Matt Klee, Saxophonist Jacob Gleason, and Vocalist Bianca Wright. With the help of artists like Brian Rogers on bass, Sam Phelps on keys, and a full horn section, the band produces a wide range of original sounds and well-loved cover tunes that are guaranteed to keep the party going all night. 

HANS! and the HOT MESS
HANS! and the HOT MESS is the newest project by HANS EBERBACH, an award winning singer/songwriter with a punk heart, a soul voice and a robot head 

Ideateam is Sacramento’s funkiest up and coming team of music indulgers–the nine piece, largely instrumental band pulls heavily from influences both modern and tried while still maintaining a very unique and palatable character to call their own.  The core rhythm section, whom have been playing music together for two years, are paired with an outfit of horns, percussion, and vocals.  Known for their energetic shows and curious disposition to always be trying something new, it’s easy to get lost in their compelling grooves Cutting their teeth in the backwoods of Amador County, the rhythm section have been collaborating together since high school but it wasn’t until 2011 Ideateam began consciously writing musically-poignant and thoughtful instrumental songs.  A year of acclamation yielded many great arrangements as well as the urge to flesh out their sound.  Ideateam has since adopted a  full-time horn section, an additional percussionist and have been known to feature organ and vocals — what you wind up with is a massive sound fit to get a room moving. 

Island of Black and White
Founded in the foothills of El Dorado... Their music is a sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The quartet exerts high energy performances while frequenting local and out of town venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, music festivals and various events. The unique sound of Island of Black and White today captures the attention of those young and old: with Chris Haislet on guitar, keyboard, accordion, melodica, flute and vocals, Nawal Alwareeth on drums and vocals, John John Baguio on lead guitar and vocals, and Justin Maddux on bass. It is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd. 

Isaac Bear
Isaac Bear is a three-piece Progressive Funk Rock group whose intent is creating interesting, jump up and down, fun music for all ages and walks of life. 

James Cavern
James Cavern, a native Englishman from the city of London, currently resides in Sacramento, CA. When he first picked up a guitar in 2005, he knew he had found a way to channel his passion of music. Since 2010, James has grown to be an artist that defines his music as soulful and dynamic. His guerrilla tactics of self-promotion has led him to open up for many acts on his own as well as in collaboration. Recently, James has been recognized by many of fans throughout the Sacramento region...being named "Outstanding R&B-Soul Artist of the Year" through SN&R's SAMMIES 2012 Awards and Nominated for Sacramento’s "Musical Artist of the Year" 2012 through RAWards Indie Arts Awards 2012.  James Cavern's versatility means he can perform for a broad audience and can fit into almost any show/festival if given the opportunity. 

Jammhead is proud to bring to the stage our eclectic mix of smooth dub, slvppy trvp, psychedelic rock-hop and impossible bass! Beware! Jammhead is interested in seeing what the foundation of your venue looks like after we have bassed it down. Our pastimes include reading, contemplating the mysteries, listening to inspiring music, and bein' a straight gangsta. 

Jonny Mojo
Coming from Northern California's Sierra Nevada foothills, Jonny “Mojo” Flores has created quite a name in his local area. Jonny has been noted in the Mountain Democrat as “Placerville's hardest working musician – hands down.” Performing at many a-venue, Mojo plays at local wineries, cafes, and bars; not to mention music festivals including the Summer Solstice Music Festival, American River Music Festival, and the Northern California Blues Festival. Jonny Mojo has also opened for acts such as Elvin Bishop, Roy Rogers, Joe Craven, Dan Crary, and Izabella; and has co-billed music festivals with artists such as Jackie Greene, Scott Law, and Nina Gerber. With a foundation in blues, Jonny Mojo transcends genres blending rock, folk, fusion, bluegrass, jam band styles and more. What really shines through in a performance is the heart felt passion for music. 

John Ludington
John Ludington has been called “…the lovechild of Beck and Frank Zappa…” Andrew Goff (Northcoast Journal). Raised in upstate New York, John has been writing since his father taught him to play guitar at age 9. By 14, he had formed and fronted his first successful band, Barefoot Gravediggers. John’s travels have led him to busk the subways of Boston and to compose and tour with a stilt walking acrobatic troupe. He has acquired seven full length albums. His latest release, Forest Creature, is a collaboration with his longtime musical influence, Seth Faergolzia. In four months they wrote and recorded 11 songs online and set off for a 29 show-European tour in March 2013. John lives in northern California where he plays bass for Absynth Quintet, a critically acclaimed gypsy-grass band. Their fourth LP is forthcoming. 

Massive Delicious
Massive Delicious isn’t just the name of the band—it’s a moniker that describes the group’s scene and its sound. This is an act that blends reggae, soul, funk and jazz into big, tasty dubtastic grooves for large crowds of cute and costumed dancers—creating a mass of delicious energy, rhythm and movement. 

Mac Russ

Monkey Flower
3 foothill kids descended upon the valley a decade ago...their many adventures manifested in a sonic landscape... we finger paint with liquid cosmic light... 

Musical Charis
Retro-Inspired Folk Rock darlings of Sacramento, CA attribute their signature male/female vocal stylings to a modern Fleetwood Mac, with a family-style vibe comparable to the eclectic culture of the Grateful Dead. Their live show is like slamming poprox and soda while cuddling up with a Dr. Suess book as audience members are encouraged to participate with drums, tambourines & sing-a-longs. With 5 albums and several national tours under their belt, Musical Charis is a tall drink of water in a dry spell of musical monotony. 

Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald

Rusty Buckets
Based out of the gold country of the Sierra Nevada foothills, The Rusty Buckets bring a new twist to old time music. The Rusty Buckets play a variety of genres with an acoustic flavor and then step outside the box with psychedelic tendencies. Bluesgrass, blues, folk, rock, and more... the band blends these styles when showcasing Rusty Bucket original tunes. The band consists of acoustic guitar, fiddle, bass, and percussion. The variety of genres lends to a broad demographic and offers a little something for everyone. 

Spanky and Three Legged Dawg

Silhouette of Mirrors
We came together during the later course of 2010, and ever since we have molded our style and it organically became something of a feeling with sounds. The meeting of two personalities is like the meeting of two chemical substances; If there is any reaction, both are transformed. -Carl Jung A delicate blend of Jazzy Rocking Metal Soul. 

Skerik's Bandalabra
Skerik, the enduringly saxophonic, punk jazz iconoclast is joined by three of his fellow Seattle hometown's most revered players: Andy Coe on electric guitar, Evan Flory Barnes on upright bass and Dvonne Lewis on drums.  In Skerik's words, "I've always been inspired by Fela Kuti and Steve Reich, which sparked the idea to start a band built around rhythmic and minimalist concepts. It's not about soloing so much as creating a polyrhythmic weave with the four instruments. Music that is danceable but also interesting to listen to."  A bold assertion, but one for which the music bears witness. Together, the quartet syncopates and snakes, floats free and snaps tight with hypnotic afrobeat rhythms, minimalist canons and improvised harmonics. There's a duality that demands listeners both dance and get lost in the sound.  On Bandalabra’s debut album Live At The Royal Room, captured at the band's first public performance, the foursome head into the deep unknown, creating music in the moment for over 60 minutes straight. Halfway through the evening, they hit upon the illest of psych grooves, appropriately dubbed "Beast Crusher." Here the visceral and cerebral become one, and Skerik's Bandalabra is born a fully realized vision. 

Tao Jiriki
Tao Jiriki is an instrumental progressive jazz funk rock duo from Sacramento, CA. With influences ranging from jazz and blues to rock and hiphop. Thick bass grooves, Intricate songwriting, and heavy funk rhythms are what Tao Jiriki brings to the stage with a freeform approach. Tao Jiriki is: Eric Isom on keyboard ticklin' ivory's and smackin' his organ and Brandon Amelio kickin', stickin', and eatin' chicken on the drums. 

The Three Way
The Three Way is a powerful Rock & Roll trio formed out of Sacramento, California. The Three Way is Andrew Mundy (drums), Joel case (Bass) and Justin Forcione (guitar). With common interests In Blues, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Punk and experimental Jam music; the three came together. Since Their launch in early 2012 they have pulverized nearly every venue and club in their aria and beyond. They Produced a four track EP (with help from some friends), begun tackling a full length LP, and have racked up some highway miles bringing with them their music. This is all foreplay. You will move. And with any luck leave the show feeling a little more... dirty. 

The Old Sreen Door

Years of living on the road, crashing on strangers’ floors and playing for sweating, screaming crowds have infused Wooster’s sound with a precious ingredient known as life force. Give this Santa Cruz, CA-based soul/reggae/rock quintet’s new album If All the Dew Were Diamonds a spin, and you’ll hear the kind of music that can only be made by people who are neck-deep in life, with all its beauty, heartbreak, mess, marvel and mystery. Described by various music critics as “smoldering,” “top-notch,” “one-of-a-kind,” “addictive” and “like a breath of fresh air,” the Wooster sound is a party-ready mix of California reggae and Aretha Franklin-esque soul, spiced up with hints of Motown, surf, Latin rock, funk and hip-hop. Listen closely, and you might detect a little Chili Peppers swagger, a little Dave Matthews bounce or a little Led Zep muscle. The end result? Think Sublime after anger management, or No Doubt on soul serum.  With Diamonds, the members of Wooster—vocalist Caroline Kuspa, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Brian Gallagher, lead guitarist Zack Donahue, bassist/guitarist Bobby Hanson and drummer Nate Fredrick—graduate from being “one of Santa Cruz’s liveliest local acts” (Santa Cruz Weekly) to being one of the hottest, sassiest, most dynamic acts around, period. All the elements that made their 2009 debut album The Heights of Things sparkle are back in bigger and badder form: tight musicianship, lead vocals that soar and simmer, ultra-catchy melodies, harmonies smoother than Malibu rum, choruses that kill, uptempo numbers that burn, softer tunes that soothe, and above all else, grooves that could disable even the strongest anti-dancing muscles.  As Gallagher explains, the title If All the Dew Were Diamonds is a reference to a conversation between two hung-over paisanos (countrymen) in the Steinbeck novel “Tortilla Flat.” “The paisanos may be penniless and adrift, but they get to lounge around in the morning sun watching the dew sparkle in the grass,” he says. It’s a lifestyle that Wooster can relate to. “We’re not coming home from tour with hundred dollar bills falling out our pockets, but what we are coming home with is real-deal, salt-of-the-earth experiences,” Gallagher notes. “I’ll bet you there’s a CEO somewhere wishing he could trade his bald spot for some drink tickets and a chance to stand onstage and pour his heart out.” The line “I’m gonna live until the day I die” from Diamonds’ last track, “Day I Die,” says it all: these five music-worshipping road warriors intend to keep living full-tilt, full-color, full-on, all the way to the final cut. In the process, they’ll keep cranking out some of the most irresistible grooves on the planet, and they’ll continue to remind us where the real wealth is: right before our eyes. 

ZuhG means to be unlike others. Ask any member of the Band ZuhG this question, you will get a different response every time. Musically ZuhG resists being easily defined: Mixing funk, reggae, jazz, jam, and rock n' roll together to create its own expressive genre of music. ZuhG's sound will push your perceptions of music to new heights. They bring this sound to living color with their album releases: To Be Unlike Others (2007), Life (2009), Fish Tank (2010), and Free Love (2011). ZuhG stripped itself down in early 2013 with the release of an acoustic album (Calm and Clear), giving us a glimpse into the bands uniquely expressive character. Based out of Sacramento California since 2007, ZuhG has been busy carving out its own unique territory up and down the west coast and on the road touring nationally. Even finding a second home in the California music festival scene. ZuhG brings to the world with its music an unconventional wisdom. So take a page from the book of ZuhG: "We live in a world of mass-produced sameness. Originality has fallen prey to predictability. The status quo has become the status quo. And even the copies have been copied. Which is why some of us must ZuhG. ZuhG is unapologetically unapologetic. ZuhG is the belief that there is still so much to be discovered. It is the feeling that we are the first, last, and best version of ourselves that there will ever be. ZuhG likes when something weird happens. ZuhG is about moving confidently in our own direction, with no apologies, and ZuhG is about going that way in style". -ZuhG is to be unlike others.